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Hawaii PMU Academy

for serious learning

“HPA's unique technique that combines world-class technologies”
Carefully instruct each student

Under the guidance of a permanent makeup master who has 17 years of experience in Japan and the United States and a wealth of knowledge.

We will cultivate permanent makeup technicians who are strong in practice by carefully and thoroughly learning the basics. We will support you from the start of the course to the introduction of permanent makeup.

Permanent makeup school in Hawaii!

Lots of Interactive & hands-on

Hawaii Permanent Makeup Academy (HPA) is an permanent make-up school located in Hawaii, USA, that combines the most advanced techniques in the world with unique techniques that suit all type of faces and skin.


In addition to our Hawaii school, we offer live courses, Hawaii Permanent Makeup Training Tours, online courses from anywhere in the world, and you can upgrade to live courses after completing online courses.


We have a network with not only American but also European and Asian companies and always offer new technology and materials.

Why Choose HPA?


Direct Supervision by a Seasoned Instructor

You will receive direct instruction from a veteran instructor with 17 years of experience as an art make-up artist and teacher in Japan and the United States. The small size of the class allows us to provide attentive, personalized instruction to each student.


The most advanced technology in the world.

HPA's original technique, which is a fusion of the world's most advanced technology from the U.S. and other countries and Japan's delicate technology, is taught in an easy-to-understand manner. We focus on design, and even beginners will be taught step by step in an easy-to-understand manner.


The Highest Quality Safe Products in the world.

HPA's art-making products are high-performance, high-quality products that are easy to use and produce beautiful results; HPA's original products are made with the world's highest quality, safe products selected by our instructors.

Online Courses

The online courses allow busy people to learn at their own pace and can be taken from anywhere in the world. There are a lot of practical practice and you can get advice directly from the instructor on the app, for a well-rounded online learning experience.


Learn at Our Hawaii Location

If you live in Hawaii or able to travel to Hawaii, we recommend the in-school course. You can use the online materials, but also learn more enriching skills in person directly from the instructor.


Hawaii Permanent Makeup Tour

HPA offers a training tour twice a year for permanent makeup students to learn Microblading and Lip techniques over a 3-day intensive course. On the last day of the course, you will be monitored by a master instructor while working on a live model.


Permanent Makeup Instructor Oncall

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Thinking about introducing permanent makeup support to medical clinics


Permanent makeup as medical

Permanent makeup has been popular with many people in many countries around the world for many years. Each country has different rules and laws regarding permanent makeup technology. In the United States, permanent makeup is considered a "tattoo technique" in most states and requires a tattoo license. Permanent makeup, which is rare in the world, is regarded as a "medical practice" in Japan. Therefore, permanent makeup can only be performed at medical institutions (clinics and hospitals) by doctors and nurse license holders.


However, at present, many doctors and nurses are not trained in make-up design, and the concept of "permanent makeup = medical practice" and "medical workers make up on human faces" is still unclear. It does not penetrate. Permanent makeup treatments by Japanese nurses are gradually expanding due to microblading (eyebrows) around the world. Permanent makeup is a “rewarding” process that allows nurses to work closely with patients and make many women and men smile and regain their confidence with permanent makeup eyebrows, eyeliner and lips. Permanent makeup can be used not only for facial makeup, but also for breast cancer patients' areola regeneration and vitiligo camouflage.

At the Hawaii PMU Academy (HPA), a doctor who is a beginner in makeup uses a technique that is uniquely arranged by an instructor who is active in the United States, who is at the cutting edge of permanent makeup, to suit the faces of Japanese people. The course is A to Z, which is easy for nurses to understand. Start with an online course and take the time to thoroughly train the most important basics.


After the online course is over, you can have a live course under the guidance of HPA instructors and nurses at affiliated clinics in Japan. You can also participate in the Hawaii Permanent Makeup Training Tour, which is held several times a year. Permanent makeup technology is a medical practice in Japan, but it is "art"! Courses will be given from both medical and art perspectives. At HPA, we will provide guidance that is close to each person in order to carefully nurture active permanent makeup artists.


It has been reported that many of the permanent makeup clinics have received more feedback than expected, leading to higher-than-expected sales. There are still few permanent makeup nurses, but the field of activity will expand even more in the future.


For clinics who want to introduce permanent makeup but do not know what to start with, "Art Makeup Introduction Program" and "Nursing" to support nurses who want to start permanent makeup but cannot get the training fee from the clinic at work. There is also a "Teacher Support Scholarship Program", so please contact us for details.


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Voice of graduates

I found Instructor Hideko to be a 100% reliable technician and instructor.

First of all, I decided to train under Hideko in Hawaii because my customer was treated by Hideko, and gave her a very natural and beautiful eyebrow treatment. And because I wanted to have a 100% perfect understanding of what constitutes a medical technique in my native language

Mikaru, France

HPA's Permanent Makeup Products

HPA's permanent makeup products use U.S. FDA-approved pigments, sterilized disposable needles and tools that are safe, as well as high quality products that are designed for ease of use, color correction and coloration to create beautiful results. We also carry other products from permanent makeup industry companies Bio Touch Inc, Beauty Angel and Phi Brow.