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Phuong Phan

First time in JAPAN
\Experienced only/


​Hideko Hayes

​Japanese  interpretation


RS technique

October 16 ・ 17 and 18 2024 in TOKYO


​About Expert Phuong

Ms Phuong is a leading expert in machine hairline techniques, which have become mainstream overseas. She has 248K followers on Instagram and is a charismatic figure in the art makeup industry, with masters from all over the world attending her classes.


She has a studio and academy in Vietnam and teaches worldwide. This will be the first time for her to teach in Japan.


She is the creator of the Hyper Real Stroke RS technique, a unique technological breakthrough that creates a subtle gradation effect from light to dark colors by using various ink tones to contrast the brightness of the eyebrows, creating a flat eyebrow with depth. This contrasts the brightness of the eyebrows and gives them depth even on a flat surface. It can also create a unique depth effect not found in other techniques. This technique makes a significant difference from conventional methods.

What you will learn in this course

RS Technique


Day 1

Day 2

Practice on latex and watch the demonstration video

• Guide you on how to do on latex properly
• Expert Phuong Phan will demonstrate on model and will explain every step that she does
• Shows you how to take pictures and videos
• Live Q&A 
• Figured out your mistakes and help you to solve your problems

Day 3

​Working on Models

Ms Phuong guide you how to work on model step by step.
​※Students must have a Japanese nurse license.
​※Students must prepare a model.

Course Details


​10/16 Wed, 17 Thu, 18 Fri  at 10:00〜17:00




Expert Phuong Phan

Number of Students

Minimum 20 students 


PMU machine work hair stroke  experienced


Day 1 & 3 is BLACK, Day 2 is WHITE. Please wear the correct dress code so that attendees may have beautiful individual / group photos.

Tool to bring

・Tattoo / PMU Rotary machine with 2.5 - 3.5 stroke and a power supply
・Needle: 25-3RSMT / 25-3RLLT / 30-1RLLT
・Personal tools for drawing shape (On day 3)
・Your favourite pigment line (Suggestion: water based pigment)

Online Learning

• 49 Simulation and Theory Videos are available in 4K quality
• 7 Modules Tutorial on How to do RS Technique from the essential step
• Subtitles in 6 languages: English - Espana - France - Italy - Chinese - Vietnam
• Video Demonstration of surreal eyebrow design for models with "Alopecia Areata".
• Video Demonstration of surreal eyebrow design for Male
• Work-book with instructions and exercises for drawing strokes
• Certificate after you finish the course


• Premium Certificate
• Access to the RS Technique online Class in 3 months (Value $1.499)
• Facebook access Group and ongoing support

• Gift bag (Students who don’t take the kit will not be deducted)
• Notebook 
• Pencil PMU Fleekbrows [ Jet black ] 
• Pencil PMU Fleekbrows [ White cotton ] 
• Non-powdered latex

RS technique Case Photos 

​ Previous Master Classes

Course Fee

3-day training + 3 months online support


2-day training + 3 months online support


※3-day course required a nurse license in Japan.

※Observation of 3-day : + ¥ 50,000

Course Registration Process

  • Please fill out the form below to register.


  • We will send you an application form and confirm your medical/nursing license.


  • After confirming your license, we will send you an invoice by e-mail.  


  • Payment can be made by bank transfer or PayPal. 3% handling fee will be charged for PayPal.


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