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For doctors and nurses who want to learn permanent makeup

Free course for the first time in permanent makeup

-90 minutes to learn from knowledge of permanent makeup from Hawaii, USA to job acquisition-

1. For nurses who want to learn permanent makeup

  • I want to change jobs to a beauty nurse with permanent makeup technology.

  • I am worried that I have no sense because I have only medical experience.

  • I don't know if permanent makeup has a job in the first place.

  • Is it okay to get permanent makeup as a nurse or to have a permanent makeup?

  • I'm too busy to go to a permanent makeup school.

  • It may not be possible to pay a large amount because there is no financial support from the workplace.

Are you worried about these things?

In recent years, the number of popular beauty clinics, dermatologists, and dentists who are doing "permanent makeup microblading" and "permanent makeup" has increased rapidly.

Not only beauty lovers, but also men and women of all ages receive permanent makeup.

This is because art make-up has become safer at medical institutions as a medical treatment, and now that it has become commonplace to wear masks due to the spread of coronavirus infection, more and more people want to make make-up that is hard to remove. Is in the background.

Following this trend, you, a nurse or doctor, may have wanted to learn art make-up skills and change jobs or start a business.

But what should I start with? Do you need skill acquisition, introduction cost, and make-up sense? Is it okay for a nurse to get a qualification and perform the procedure in the first place? When you think about it, isn't the time passing without moving forward?

First of all, doing art make-up means changing jobs from hospital work to a beauty nurse, and I think I hesitate because I'm worried about money.

In this letter, I will tell you a story that can alleviate your anxiety, so please read it to the end.

2. Is permanent makeup OK for nurses in the first place?

The very first question. I will explain the qualifications.

In Japan, permanent makeup is considered a medical practice and requires a doctor's or nurse's license.

In many clinics, permanent makeup is performed not only by doctors but also by nurses.
The nurses, who have been supporting doctors until now, are working as art make-up artists and working lively.

In the first place, regarding hygiene management and dermatology, it may be said that the hurdles are actually low because art make-up can be started by veteran doctors and nurses if they acquire basic knowledge and skills.

3. Do you need a beauty sense for permanent makeup?

Also, if I had worked in the medical field until now, I think that cosmetology is not my specialty.

I don't have a sense of makeup there, but is that okay? I think that natural anxiety will arise.

To be honest, "I don't need a sense."

Permanent makeup technology has some rules, so if you acquire the latest knowledge and skills, you don't need your own sense.

Sensitivity comes naturally as you practice and become fond of permanent makeup.

4. Isn't the learning cost expensive? Can you get the money?

The cost of acquiring permanent makeup skills varies from 200,000 to 1 million, and it cannot be said to be "cheap".

However, permanent makeup is expensive, so as a clinic, you can pay for it with just a few treatments. Therefore, the salary of nurses is often high.

It is a highly profitable treatment for clinics, as the treatment cost is low and the profit margin is high, and even nurses can make sales.

And since it is not offered in many clinics as much as you think, it is surprisingly easy to expect patients to come to the hospital.

And at the Hawaii PMU Academy, there is a “Nurse Support Special Price Program”.

5. Most nurses are too busy to go to school

By now, I hope you understand that even nurses can expand their range of work.

However, there is a final hurdle.

The biggest hurdle for many nurses is lack of time. The holidays are not constant.

Therefore, some people give up because they don't have time to go to permanent makeup school even if they try to acquire the skills.

I'm busy working at the hospital every day, so I don't have time to go to school, and it's hard to go to a big city in the midst of the corona.

For this, all classroom lectures are available online at home. It's a learning style that is commonplace in the United States.

Of course, it is necessary to finish the treatment itself at the clinic with the monitor partner, but there are more and more forms where you can learn almost everything with video and acquire qualifications, and it is an era when monitor training can also be zoom training.

6. Online learning style at your own pace to get a job or start a business

Free art make-up course for the first time

I'm sorry to say that we are holding a permanent makeup class in Hawaii, USA.

Permanent makeup cutting edge We teach the latest knowledge and technology of the United States, introduction to Japanese clinics, employment methods as beauty nurses, and opening of business.

So far, more than 100 nurses have been active as beauty nurses.

However, is it suitable for me even if I suddenly pay a lot of money to take the whole course? I think it's true that I don't understand and only hesitate.

Therefore, we have summarized the knowledge, techniques, and methods of making permanent makeup as the "Permanent Makeup First Course".

Even though it is free, it is based on the course learned by a senior who is doing permanent makeup work in earnest.

Even though it is compact, there are plenty.

With knowledge and skill, you can learn about the most popular eyebrows in permanent makeup.

We will teach you eyebrow design studies that even active permanent makeup artists want to know, such as how to draw eyebrows that match the face, eyebrows with a golden ratio, and the difference between eyebrows that match Japanese people and eyebrows that are said to be beautiful in the West.

Also, talk about the merits of changing jobs to a permanent makeup artist and the amount of money.

You can also see specific lectures that are supposed to be work, such as talking about the cost and profit of permanent makeup treatment.

In other words, the way to start work as a permanent makeup doctor / nurse is condensed into 90 minutes.

You can just get a feel for the world of permanent makeup, or you may want to know more about it.

I'm sure that everyday eyebrow makeup will be fun and you will want to draw your friend's eyebrows.

The period that can be provided free of charge is limited.

Experience the fun world of permanent makeup artists right now.

Part of the course
  • Is the popular microblading eyebrows really good?

  • Permanent Makeup Eyebrows Types and Features

  • The shape of the eyebrows that suits you

  • How to like face dislike with eyebrows

  • Eyebrows drawn using the golden ratio

  • Increase your income with permanent makeup

  • Increase sales by introducing permanent makeup

  • Permanent Makeup Introductory Clinic is Popular

  • Costs and benefits of permanent makeup

  • Permanent makeup artist flapping around the world

  • Why is permanent makeup now?

I recommend this hotel
  • I want to get a job in my hand and become a strong self

  • I like beauty anyway

  • I'm worried about working at the hospital

  • I want to double my income

  • I want to do a rewarding job that can make patients smile

  • I like detailed work

  • I want to work while raising children

  • I want financial freedom

  • I want to make effective use of the vacant clinic

Lecturer introduction
Representative of Hawaii PMU Academy
Hideko Hayes

"I want you to bring out the natural beauty of people and have confidence in your true face." With that in mind, I have been performing permanent makeup. Since 2002, he has been in the beauty industry, translated beauty teaching materials at a manufacturer that is also a pioneer of Japanese permanent makeup, and after working as a school assistant, he himself took an art makeup course and became an engineer. At that time, I made a big decision to invest 1 million yen to take the course! I had never done make-up, and I just wanted to work happily and become an independent woman without knowing if I had any sense. The salon was opened immediately after the course was completed, and 1 million course fees were collected in two months. Currently, he manages two permanent makeup salons in Hawaii, operates a permanent makeup school, and continues to train future permanent makeup technicians while performing treatments for many clients including celebrities in Hawaii as active artists. There is. With a track record of over 6000 cases, he has countless knowledge and experience. We are constantly researching and introducing new technologies in the world, and we are making daily efforts to provide the world's most advanced permanent makeup technology. He has also been appointed as a master artist of a major American permanent makeup maker (Beauty Angels), and is interacting with top artists in the industry. Now that I have been living in the United States for 15 years and have been making permanent makeup for 18 years, I spent many years groping and experiencing all the knowledge I gained to put more effort into developing permanent makeup artists who will play an active role in the future. Established Hawaii PMU Academy Online with the desire to generously teach students.

Voice of graduates


I found Instructor Hideko to be a 100% reliable technician and instructor.

First of all, I decided to train under Hideko in Hawaii because my customer was treated by Hideko, and gave her a very natural and beautiful eyebrow treatment. And because I wanted to have a 100% perfect understanding of what constitutes a medical technique in my native language

Mikaru, France


I'm honestly amazed that you can learn so much technology online.

I am a nurse in Shizuoka, Japan. I love beauty, and I was very interested in the recent popularity of permanent makeup microblading eyebrows. I found out that permanent makeup is a medical procedure in Japan and that I can do it as a nurse. I found out that there are several schools in Tokyo, but I was too busy working at the clinic to commute to school, so I found Hawaii PMU Academy on the internet by chance. I immediately inquired about the program and after a free orientation, I was able to talk to them and they were very accommodating, and I decided to attend the program because I thought I could do it too!

Ayako, Japan


If you're thinking about a career in art and makeup, I recommend it.

Taking the Hawaii PMU Academy's Microblading online course was one of the best decisions I've made. Instructor Hideko was a great instructor who not only answered all of my questions, but also gave me constructive feedback to help me grow. The class is broken down into detailed chapters that are easy to understand. I did not move on to the next chapter or assignment step until the instructor felt I understood each chapter and was ready to move on. I never lacked confidence or felt pressured by unfinished assignments. When it came time for me to go to the academy and do a live model treatment, I felt safe and secure in the academy, as there was good hygiene and proper coronavirus prevention measures in place. The instructor Hideko and all the staff were friendly, professional and well informed about the PMU industry. The knowledge and confidence I gained from the program far outweighed the cost and I continue to do so with ongoing support even after I complete the program. I would recommend the Hawaii PMU Academy to anyone thinking about a career in microblading or art-making. Thank you all!

Daniel, Hawaii

It was a fulfilling course that clearly showed that I had improved

It was a very fulfilling course.

Despite the trial, I learned a lot from the very careful and detailed guidance.

The my club trading eyebrows I wrote at the beginning and the eyebrows I write now after the class are completely different, and I can clearly see that I have improved.

I would definitely like to take this course as well.

It was a lot of fun! I would like to continue practicing with this course and working hard every day (^ ^)

Thank you for your guidance. Thank you (^ ^)

Haruna, a nurse living in Japan

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